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California Community Opportunities has powerful impact on the lives of those we serve, their loved ones and the community.  The Family Teaching Model is centered around teaching , increasing independence and improving the quality of life for the individuals we serve.  When individuals enter our program we come together to develop plans, gather resources and implement tools that ultimately set those individuals up for success, ensuring they are growing, learning and developing the highest quality life.   


  • 100% emphasis on individual learning and progress through cutting edge programming

  • 100% continuous assessment of CCO residents to ensure ongoing learning and growth

  • Comprehensive onsite resources (including full-time behavior, nursing, financial, and quality assurance staff) create continuous, multifaceted approach to individual issues and needs.

  • 100% improved quality of life as compared to previous living environments, including commitment to individual choice and control and individuals’ rights to create and maintain their own living spaces

  • 100% learning potential in every situation at home and outside of the home

  • 100% deeper relationships between individuals and staff thanks to little turnover of Family Teachers, and consistent staffing within the home

  • 80% improved behavior among all individuals, regardless of disability

  • 100% engagement in community, with varied community involvement that is guaranteed to be at least 150% greater than required by Department of Developmental Services 

  • 100% of CCO staff continuously trained and accountable for observance of individual legal and personal rights

  • Systemic impact on adult services sector in California with an unprecedented and innovative model

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